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Summer is right around the corner! Do you know what that means? means a lot of things. But what summer means to a lot of fitness enthusiasts is the arrival of Endurance Events! This is anything from 5ks to marathons to triathlons, to obstacle course racing, and so on.

If you are someone who is looking to get into one of these events...whether to perform, challenge yourself with something new, or just to have fun, my guess is that you have been doing a lot of running. Great! Running is obviously a massive part of these events.

However, while training for one of these events, do not forget about adding in strength and resistance training to your workout regimen. Adding in strength and resistance training to your training regimen can add HUGE benefits to both your power, speed, endurance, but most importantly, help prevent injury.

Now, if you are a just a big of running, and don't want to do too much strength...that's all good! It doesn't have to be crazy in-depth. But, implementing a strength and resistance program to your running routine can help increase your leg strength, your muscle endurance, and again help prevent injury. And as they say, the best ability is availability.

So if you have started training for one of these events and haven't yet dabbled into the strength portion, get it a shot and how it helps both your running and overall fitness journey.

If you have any questions as always feel free to shoot us an email at, or check out our classes and online workout programs at

Keep Earn That Rest,


FutbolerFit HQ

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