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Our Soccer-Specific Training Program and App

The Workout

Utilizing 50-55 minutes, our workouts blend the perfect balance of Strength, Endurance, and Athleticism. So regardless, of the class-style you choose throughout the week, you better believe you will LIFT, MOVE, and crush some CARDIO to always hit an effective blend of both strength and conditioning.



1 on 1

No workout program is complete without some strength. And our strength stations are legendary! You'll hit everything from barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells, to rings, bands, and bodyweight. Get ready to BUILD!


2 on 1

Who doesn't love crushing some cardio!? Our workouts, no matter the focus, will have you hitting up that cardio! From straight up running, to cross-training...our endurance stations will have you both building power and shredding calories!


3 on 1

We love us some power, hiit, and athleticism! By incorporating plyometrics, explosive movements, and unilateral exercises, our program and workouts are designed to bring a more lean, mean, and all-around athletic approach to the fitness industry.

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