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What's up With Those Supps!?

Supplements have become almost just as part of a workout nowadays as a set of dumbbells. But what is all the fuss and muss about? What are they, should you take them, and are they necessary?

In simple terms, supplements are a nutritional item or items that people use to help aid in both their fitness, health and workouts. Supplements can be used before workouts, after workouts, and even during workouts. Then, within these categories, there are even more options, brands, flavors, etc, that it can sometimes be overwhelming!

So before you start thinking of what to buy and when to take it, first look at supplements as what they truly are; supplements. They are called supplements because they are designed to "supplement" or "be in-addition to" your typical daily intake of nutrition; not your ENTIRE daily intake of nutrition.

When taken properly, they can definitely enhance and help in your fitness and/or athletic performance journey, but be sure to build your foundation of a healthy diet and exercise first!

In other words, you should look at supplements how we look at our exercise selection. Before adding any "accessory" exercises, we focus on programming foundational strength movements first, such as the squat, deadlift, press, pull, etc. It is not until after, that we "supplement" those movements with some fun and unique exercises to get you looking, feeling, and performing better than before!

This is the same with supplements. Focus on your foundational, healthy diet and exercise first. Then, add in those supplements where necessary. For instance, if you don't think you are getting enough protein in your diet throughout the day, add in some whey protein. If you don't think you are getting in enough vegetables for the day, add some "greens" into your shaker. Or if you don't think you are getting enough sleep, but would really like to get a solid workout in, then sure, add in that scoop of pre-workout to your bottle.

Out of all the supplements out there though, we highly recommend taking BCAAs and whey protein! BCAAs are a great supplement to take both during and after your workout, and whey protein is one that is great for after. Both of these supplements are great for both muscle recovery and muscle growth.

But, regardless of what we choose or what you choose, one thing that we always look for at FutbolerFit are "natural" supplements. The more natural we can get with both our diet and our supplements the better!

To sum it all up, as we stated earlier, nothing outruns a bad diet, sleep regimen, or exercise routine. So get those elements down pat first, and then add in those fun and tasty supplements to where you see fit!

Stay Fit and Keep Earning That Rest,

Neil Shaffer

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