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Stay Explosive

Whether you are looking to get faster, improve your distance running, or literally just looking to get and stay fit, explosive movements like a sprint, box jump, lateral skier, etc...can help get you there.

Here at FutbolerFit, we obviously are big fans of both strength and endurance, and building all-around athletes. And one of the best ways to do this is by incorporating exercises and workouts that require all-out efforts from time to time. A great and simple example of this is a sprint!

We get it though, sprinting is hard...I mean real hard. When done correctly, it is literally an all out effort. So we understand why people would much rather just do a steady 30 minute workout routine, or just run for 30 minutes at the same pace. But let's be real...what in life worth doing, ever comes easy!?

So, in regards to running, if you have been running 30 minutes at the same pace for weeks on end, and your time hasn't gotten much faster, or you have hit a plateau in regards to your aesthetics and how you look and feel...try throwing in some sprints! This can be done in the gym, at home, at a track, at a field, and the list goes on.

The benefits of sprinting are incredible. Sprinting can build muscle in your legs and core, keep you athletic, looking athletic, increase your endurance, improve your pace, crush calories, boost your metabolism...and the list seriously goes on.

And this goes the same with adding in explosive movements into your "workout" routine. For instance, adding in box jumps, kettlebell swings, ice skaters, lateral skiers, instead of always moving slowly, can improve both your performance and aesthetics the same way a sprint can. In essence, those movements are still a "sprint" as they are all-out efforts when done for speed or height, distance, and so on.

Now, this doesn't mean steady workouts or running for 30 minutes is a bad thing. On the contrary actually. For instance, we do steady strength stations with a ton of slow tempo all of the time. And if someone approaches us about improving their running endurance, we typically will have them start by building their aerobic base first, and then chip away at some intervals to improve their pace, speed, etc.

So, it is more about mixing up what you are doing rather than just doing one style all of the time. Always remember, to see results...your body must continue to be challenged and stressed. So stay strong, stay fit, and stay athletic. If you need any help on getting started, let us know!

Keep Earning That Rest,

Neil Shaffer

FutbolerFit HQ

Simple Hill Sprint Workout:

First...find a hill that should take you about 0:10-0:20 to sprint up. Once you find that's go time. Get after 10 rounds of an all out sprint up the hill, and walk back down the hill. We won't set a time on the walk back down, but don't rush it, because these will get tough and burn you up!

If you would rather do this on a treadmill...just set the incline and sprint for 0:10-0:20 depending on feel and rest about 0:40-0:60. This goes the same if you are getting after this on a stationary bike, but instead of incline, just add a bit more resistance.

Want more ways to build your speed and endurance, or just have someone else come up with your cardio intervals through out the week? Check out our FBF Endurance Program for $19/mo, or Contact Us for your own individualized cardio workouts through the week!

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