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Should Teen Athletes Train In-Season?

Should your teen athlete still continue to lift while they are in-season? Simple answer: YES YES YES!

While in-season, even though athletes are practicing at least twice a week with games on the weekend, they are doing so while consistently using the same muscles over and over again. This is a recipe for overuse which could eventually lead to injury.

In-season strength and conditioning is a way to compliment their sport to prevent this overuse and continue to strengthen their muscles and incorporate others that may not be getting as much use for their respective sports.

I mean think about it, if an athlete works out only in the summer for 2-3 months while he or she doesn't have practice, they are missing out on 9 months out of the year to makes themselves better!

Now, the in-season training does not have to be anything substantial. For instance, instead of working out 2-4 days/week like you would in the offseason, you can bump that down to 1-2x week while you are in-season.

And rather than crushing the conditioning aspect of fitness, focus more on maintaining power, strength, and mobility.

As we like to say, everyday is another opportunity to get better. Whether you are just looking to stay fit or are an athlete looking to compete. Everyday is another chance to get fitter, stronger, and better than you were yesterday.

If you haven't started yet, start today. Get after it and Earn That Rest.

As always, if you have any questions, shoot us an email at

Stay Fit,

Neil Shaffer

FutbolerFi HQ

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