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Every gym, every business, every brand has a story. We're here today to talk about ours! The name, how it came about, and how it relates to our approach to fitness!

The name FutbolerFit came about from my background as a 6x professional soccer player, and the fitness behind the journey to get there!

To make it in the soccer world, you need to have the perfect blend of both strength and endurance in order to both battle opponents, but also make it through an entire 90 minutes of basically running intervals. You have to be both strong, but still lean, and you have to have crazy endurance, but still be explosive and powerful. Basically an all-around athlete, or as we like to call it, lean and mean!

This is how the name, the brand, and our approach to fitness came about here at FutbolerFit. We pride ourselves in delivering the perfect blend of strength and conditioning into all of our fitness programs. Whether a member of our in-studio program or a member of our FBF Anywhere program, you will notice our lethal combination of the components to build a better, fitter, more athletic, you.

How do we go about building this all-around athletic build!? Well, we could write an entire book on the actual ins and outs of our program, so we won't dive too deep. But to keep it simple, we focus on building foundational strength, throw in explosive movement patterns, get after cardio and endurance, and absolutely CRUSH the core!

These are all elements that we take into consideration when building an all-around athlete. And, in our opinion, whether you are actually looking to perform in a sport, or if you just want to look good and feel good, training like an athlete will get you there.

A couple examples are utilizing single leg movements such as split squats, and lunges rather than just back squats and deadlifts. This is not to say we don't use these two lifts. Actually, on the contrary, these two foundational movements are pillars of our programs. However, adding in single leg movements, like the split squat and lunge, can also relate to sport and everyday life just as much, if not more, than a squat and deadlift.

But it is not so much the exercises we select, but more about how we blend them all-together. From the way we use rep schemes, to the time-under-tension (tempo) we incorporate, and especially the work-to-rest ratios in our circuits and cycles, all play a part in how we attack our approach to strength and conditioning.

And the beauty of it all is that it is for everyone! We literally have everyone from professional athletes to moms and dads, to teens all getting after our approach to fitness. And that approach is training like a lean and mean athlete to look like a lean and mean athlete.

If you are interested in learning more about our approach to fitness, check out our website, shoot us a DM, or get after our FBF Anywhere Program that you can do literally ANYWHERE with just a set of dumbbells. And the best part about it, is that it comes with a 7-Day FREE Trial!

Work Hard, Have Fun, Earn That Rest.

Coach Neil

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