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In order to see results your body MUST be challenged and stressed. As they say...if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. This is true in fitness as well. It is not always about how many days a week you workout, or how long you workout, or even how many reps you do in a workout. It's about the effort you put in during those workouts. For instance, if you are someone who ALWAYS goes for a 30 minute run at a steady pace, that is awesome! Eventually though, the rate that you are increasing your fitness will decline as your body gets used to it. So instead, maybe mix up that 30 minute run with some intervals where you can push the pace a bit harder.

This goes the same with weight-selection or tempo during a workout. Don't be afraid to go up in weight or add tempo! If you continue to use the same weights and do the same reps, your body will not be challenged. So instead instead of doing 12 reps one day, maybe go down to 8 reps with more weight and slower tempo. Make that body adjust! Now, don't get us wrong, a long and steady 30 minute run or high reps with some dumbbells can both be great workouts (30 minutes of cardio is a great workout for an active recovery day). But don't be afraid to mix up that routine with some intensity. So challenge yourself during your next workout; try bumping up that weight you have been using, or throw some intervals into your 30 minute run and just see where it can take your fitness. You body is a powerful machine, be sure to challenge it! Neil Shaffer FutbolerFit HQ

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